Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Oh how my kids love to fight over everything. Sound familiar?

Today my darling Bella, who is trying so hard to drop her nap, played instigator all day long.

Today's Instigator - Bella doing her best pirate

She pushed, pinched, screamed....the works. I thought maybe playtime outside would help her, but she closed the door on us and screamed "key...key" - Bella speak for lock the door.

How do we as parents deal with our children's inabilities to play together and just fight?
I found solace here today:

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Cakes

Oh how I love my boy! He is as close to a perfect child as one can get. I cannot remember anything REALLY naughty that he has done until now....

I love to throw a baby shower! I recently threw a shower for a friend who was expecting her third baby girl. All she needed was diapers so we made it a diaper shower. So I went diaper crazy - felt diapers folded with a safety pins for the napkins, favor holders and even in felt on the invites!

And of course the diaper cakes (256 diapers worth of cake)!

The center piece was to be a fondant covered cake in the shape of a baby wearing a diaper and lying under a blanket. Now my best friend Katie - and the Ace of Cakes make fondant look oh so easy. Well - as a first timer I can officially say it is much harder than it looks. I spent 5 hours working with the stuff, and I finally came up with a product I would settle for.
The morning of the shower I came down stairs to find this:

My perfect boy had decided to "try a little" of my baby. Oh sodomy! My poor baby! Anywhere that there was butter cream on one side, it was wiped clean. Four toes were missing and there was this gaping hole in the babies bottom. I literally had to call my husband who had already left for church (he's a pastor) to come home and take my precious child out of my presence, before I said or did something that would require him to have therapy over cake and diapers in 20 years! And my dear husband - obliged - immediately!
Here is the first phase in the correction. Toes are back on, and
butter cream is beginning to come back.

Well, my super great friend Vanessa came over and saved the day, she helped me with the food prep as I fixed my poor little babies' bottom and it made a super great opening story for the shower and a memory that will never be forgotten!

The finished product on the drink table. Notice the addition of the buttercream dots to cover the "problems" (and yes, the ladies drank out of baby bottles!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a Bzzzzzzzy Day!

Today is Ethan's teachers birthday. If you know me, you know I don't need an excuse to make a party! So I gladly got the project under way. We had all the children put their finger prints onto a ceramic pot, and then turned the prints into Bumblebees (her favorite).

But my favorite part was the Bumble Bee cupcakes. I LOVE baking - in fact I love it so much, I went through 8 bags of flour last month! Yikes! Thankfully - they were not all consumed in my house, but anyhow....I have a new love...fondant! And not the boxed kind you find in the store - it is super easy to make - and tastes way better! I love this fondant recipe!

So I had loads of fun coloring the fondant and creating little bees on top of my cupcakes!

And what bee hive doesn't have a queen?

The kids loved it! So did his teacher, and even better, I have a new way to play with my food!

Luck O' the Irish

So I can say I am officially 1/8 Irish - which makes my kids 1/16.
That does count for one thing!
A claim on St. Patrick's Day!

The leprechauns visited our house this morning and left a shamrock trail
to some funny glasses and Irish gold coins.

Then for breakfast - green pancakes and green OJ of course!

And the lunch boxes also had to be green! Green bagel with cream cheese, a green apple and green juice box!

And lastly the expected corned beef and cabbage for dinner. No green beer this year, my husband gave it up.

I do have to thank my dear friend, Shawnie's mom for instilling these traditions in our family. She passed away not long ago, but I will always remember her holiday flair and the green mashed potatoes! So here's to you Erlinda! Hope you are enjoying a pint in heaven!

Enjoy the pictures!

The Wee Leprechauns

Irish Eyes are Smiling

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Chocolate Sacrifice

Being brought up Episcopalian, and then went to Catholic school - I still feel the urge to give up something for Lent. Although, most people from my church now do not do this, I still know for me it is feeling the sacrifice that helps me understand THE sacrifice.

So I gave up Diet Coke -gasps from my friends who know this is my drink of choice! And hold on to your hat - chocolate!

It's been a week, and surprisingly the perfect drink is easily forgotten, however, I have accidentally eaten chocolate 4 times! And I just got my Girl Scout cookies. They are taunting me right now from the freezer....

So I'll let you know how it goes, but resisting the 40 days of temptation will make for an even more blessed Easter!