Thursday, August 13, 2009

After a long blogging hiatus -
I'm BAACCCKKK with another

This one if for my youngest Goddaughter's 4th birthday!

Happy Birthday Raina -

By the way - did I mention that Bella REALLY wants the Barbie?

Let's see if it makes it to the party tomorrow!


Lorie said...

How funny! My youngest wouldn't leave the Barbie alone either!

Caroline said...

That's really creative! What a cute idea!

The Faveros said...

Thanks so much for the nice comment !! I use a cricut to cut my vinyl and the font is used is Mandingo - I use it for everything!! I love your cute barbie cake!!!

The Faveros said...

I think I may have posted this comment twice sorry!! I don't use the normal cricut cartridges - most people don't know about a program called Sure Cuts Alot but you can download it onto your computer and then use any font you can find online. We bought and dowloaded that program - I think it was like 70.00 and I have downloaded over 1,000 fonts that I can use with it - it is honestly the coolest thing ever!!!I have never bought a single cartridge.