Saturday, May 23, 2009

Patriotic Remembrances

It's Memorial Day Weekend.
Time to fire up the BBQ's, gather with friends,
relax and enjoy our time off.

But today, one person really is on my heart.
My grandfather, Hal, was a "Lifer" in the Navy.
He was my Hero.
Enlisted at 17 and ended up diving for bodies in Hawaii.
He saw several wars, and I think those wars
stayed in his dreams until he passed on
almost two years ago. Grandpa was one on of the greatest
men I will ever know.
His legacy lives on in the hearts of
my brother, my mom and me.

So this Memorial Day, when I see those
flags flying high,
I will say a quiet prayer,
thanking God for my grandpa
and all the soldiers who have
fought to keep us free.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flip your Flops - The Tutorial

Frugal times call for crafty girls!
Love the embellished Havaianna's but just can't bring myself to pay $24 (or more) for them!
So I have been seeing all these super cute ribbon flip flops around town,
and thought I would take a stab.
I found these amazing Havaianna knock-off's at Target - just $2.99! They are thick and comfy and come in all kinds of cute colors!
So here are the supplies you need:
Flip Flops
E6000 (can be bought at a craft store or hardware store)
Wide Ribbon
Super Cute Buttons
Needle and Thread

The Supplies
First, cut a length of ribbon and fold it over so that it will be as wide as you would like your bow to be. Mine was about 9 inch length, folded over and looped it is about 4 inches.
Next, sew your button through in the center of the top of the folded layers,
sewing through all three layers.
Now wrap the remaining thread around the ribbon, alternating wither side of the button to cinch down the ribbon and give it the bow shape. See the front and back.
Then, put a pretty heavy layer of E6000 on the center of the flip flop,
and hold your bow on for a few minutes.
You may even want to clamp it with a clothes pin.

And the finished products!
The lucky ladies I call mom of some sort will all be sporting a pair this summer!
Happy flip flopping!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fondant Anonymous

So I think I may have a border line obsession with fondant. Is there an FA (fondant anonymous)? Holy smokes! That is my initials! Better that other things though!

I have the best friends. They have been gracious enough to let me make some cakes and cookies for events this month, so I have been a bit busy to blog.

Thanks to "The Cook Duke" for this fabulous fondant recipe! His recipe for fondant is amazing, but I have a great trick! Knead it in your mixer with a kneading hook.
Super clean and no sticky hands!
Here is the link to the recipe
Enjoy some picks of my newest treats!
Avery's First Communion Cake
Play Ball Cookies
Batman Cake for Jack

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Need a quick and easy way to dress up your table?

Take some craft foam, a hot glue gun, and a silk flower and voila!
Simple, sweet and easy napkin rings!

Oh the possibilities are endless!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thought for the Tuesday

Just a little dose of Faith to get you through the day.

Thank you God that you are always there in ways we can never dream of.

Monday, May 11, 2009

May the Force Be with You!

Every time my kids get into a new phase of life, I seem to learn everything you would ever want to know about it. First there was Thomas, then Cars, and now for a long time running there is STAR WARS.....

So for Mother's Day, I decided I wanted to go to the Happiest Place on Earth - you got it Disneyland. And as much as my sweet husband told my kids, "this is mommy's day, she gets to pick the rides", my kids fought back with "I want to do this and that".

So the self less mom that I am (insert your side jokes here), I chose the first thing I wanted to do was go to Jedi training. Nothing would give me more satifaction that listening to the same script I have heard about 1000 times.....

Ethan has the knack for Jedi training! He has gotten picked almost every time. THANKFULLY, he got picked yesterday or it would have been a looooonnngggg day. Check out my little Padawan...

His only complaint - he did not get to fight Darth Mal. Oh...what has this world come to?

Our family is definitely amusement park junkies. We have our annual passes to Disneyland (thank you Dad and Judi!), and we do Legoland a couple of times a year. And guess where we stopped to take pictures?

May the force be with you.