Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the fall

i've told him a thousand times. we have talked it about it way too many times. and of course, ethan, my adventurous 5 year old could not resist.

we have a huge pane window in the front of our house - the kind that makes you feel like you are in a fish bowl - and just outside of it there is an all too tempting ledge.

so there we are, saying goodbye to our friends from a play date, and the ethans (yes his friend is also ethan) decided to climb the ledge....and thud.

of course the frantic mom side of me took over - there was blood. we rushed upstairs, pulled out the magic cream (my aunt's name for neosporin) and was about to clean and lecture away, when ethan stared at me and quietly said, "mommy my nose is bloody and my lip is bloody. how am i going to kiss you goodnight?" in turn i quietly hugged him, and told him i would still kiss him no matter what. thankfully my lecture was quieted before it even began.

then i got to thinking. is this what we do when we realize our sins to Jesus? do we look at him with our stained lips and wonder how are we going to still be loved? thank you, Lord that your grace is enough for me.

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Pastor Mike Anderson said...

This is one of the coolest stories I have heard in a long time! I love your blog..it is totally you!!