Wednesday, February 18, 2009

pump it up

bootcamp was cancelled today. generally my second alternative is to go to the gym, but with ethan's school schedule today that was not going to work. so turned on the dvd,
and popped in "the firm".

of course, the second my kids saw me doing the crazy moves - they were all over it.

we squatted.
we lunged.
we curled.
we pumped.
and man did we laugh.

bella's contribution was to regularly ask for the "lelow" ones (my yellow hand weights).

keeping on the kid fitness track. i decided to actually walk the .75 mile to the grocery store for that one ingredient i needed. bella was in tow in her stroller. on the way home - she exclaimed. "i walk". my first reaction - great this is going to take hours.

but instead - through her, i saw ever color of flower, every fire truck,
every button, and every car.

kids have a way of slowing you down and showing you things you miss.
i think i might have to walk to the store more often.

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