Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fondant Anonymous

So I think I may have a border line obsession with fondant. Is there an FA (fondant anonymous)? Holy smokes! That is my initials! Better that other things though!

I have the best friends. They have been gracious enough to let me make some cakes and cookies for events this month, so I have been a bit busy to blog.

Thanks to "The Cook Duke" for this fabulous fondant recipe! His recipe for fondant is amazing, but I have a great trick! Knead it in your mixer with a kneading hook.
Super clean and no sticky hands!
Here is the link to the recipe
Enjoy some picks of my newest treats!
Avery's First Communion Cake
Play Ball Cookies
Batman Cake for Jack

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Definitely, Maybe... said...

Super Cute! I love the cake for Avery!