Saturday, May 23, 2009

Patriotic Remembrances

It's Memorial Day Weekend.
Time to fire up the BBQ's, gather with friends,
relax and enjoy our time off.

But today, one person really is on my heart.
My grandfather, Hal, was a "Lifer" in the Navy.
He was my Hero.
Enlisted at 17 and ended up diving for bodies in Hawaii.
He saw several wars, and I think those wars
stayed in his dreams until he passed on
almost two years ago. Grandpa was one on of the greatest
men I will ever know.
His legacy lives on in the hearts of
my brother, my mom and me.

So this Memorial Day, when I see those
flags flying high,
I will say a quiet prayer,
thanking God for my grandpa
and all the soldiers who have
fought to keep us free.

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