Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flip your Flops - The Tutorial

Frugal times call for crafty girls!
Love the embellished Havaianna's but just can't bring myself to pay $24 (or more) for them!
So I have been seeing all these super cute ribbon flip flops around town,
and thought I would take a stab.
I found these amazing Havaianna knock-off's at Target - just $2.99! They are thick and comfy and come in all kinds of cute colors!
So here are the supplies you need:
Flip Flops
E6000 (can be bought at a craft store or hardware store)
Wide Ribbon
Super Cute Buttons
Needle and Thread

The Supplies
First, cut a length of ribbon and fold it over so that it will be as wide as you would like your bow to be. Mine was about 9 inch length, folded over and looped it is about 4 inches.
Next, sew your button through in the center of the top of the folded layers,
sewing through all three layers.
Now wrap the remaining thread around the ribbon, alternating wither side of the button to cinch down the ribbon and give it the bow shape. See the front and back.
Then, put a pretty heavy layer of E6000 on the center of the flip flop,
and hold your bow on for a few minutes.
You may even want to clamp it with a clothes pin.

And the finished products!
The lucky ladies I call mom of some sort will all be sporting a pair this summer!
Happy flip flopping!

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Definitely, Maybe... said...

Got my flips and my buttons....i'll be knowcking at your door for that extra special glue! Thanks for the great idea!